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20 Years of Experience

Noawel Nunez is the owner and founder of NOAWEL’S FISHING AND SNORKELING TOURS.

Noawel is a proud Garifuna man born and raised in Hopkins Village and grew up in a household with generational fishermen; starting with his great grandfather, grandfather and father doing traditional fishing as their way of life.

As Noawel grew older and started his own family his dreams became bigger and he wanted to start his own business so he decided to venture into tourism rather than just selling fishing and selling his catch for a living.


Noawel wanted to do something more exciting and fun with the tourists visiting beautiful Hopkins Village by taking them out fishing to catch Snappers, Barracudas, Kingfish etc. Someone suggested that he also try fly fishing and he started to do so after a few years.

Later, Noawel started to do snorkeling where his guests enjoy the beauty that lies beneath the ocean. He is an experienced, knowledgeable and easy-going Captain and guide and has been in the tourism industry for more than 20 years now.


Noawel is licensed and very experienced and knowledgeable of the waters; as are all his crewmembers, which includes his children who are now slowly taking over the family business.

Noawel always looks forward to meeting new people as well repeated guests and he makes it a point to leave them all with memories.

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